About The Star Universe

Star Emperor Sean

Sean’s origins can be traced to a floating space archipelago within the Antediluvian capital orbital body of the Star Empire and is hidden from Earth's view. It is also called Sirius Prime – a secret star chain between Sirius A and Sirius B. He currently resides in the Tristix Province. Sean is able to harness the dust of the cosmos and disperses sonic blasts with an array of light and color. He is slightly clairvoyant and possesses the Prism Scepter that was blessed by Vesuvia. This scepter can only be used properly by a descendant of the De La Torre D'Ivoire bloodline, thus he is royal. It gives him the ability to transform into Emperor form and grants him imperial armor and telekinesis. Imperial armor is unrivaled in its strength and has limited levitation ability.

Luminous Valkyrie

Also known by her birth name Raeon, she is general of the Imperial guards. Hailing from a tiny star on Canis Minor, Raeon is chief of her all-female race that strangely look exactly like her. She succeeds the throne, as of now, if the Emperor falls. Extremely loyal to the Emperor, Raeon also serves as his "maid in waiting". As Luminous Valkyrie, she possesses the ability to blink in and out of the Astral Plane. This gives her the appearance of short spurt teleportation and body phasing. She is slightly telepathic, which is why she is able to tell if an individual is lying or not. She wields dual hanbos that received Vesuvia's blessing and are called the Illustrious Screamers. They crackle with lighting and can discharge electric chain lighting up to 6 feet. Only Raeon can use these weapons properly, since she received the blessing from Vesuvia, a rare feat.

Mistress Y

An evil bounty hunter, Mistress Y is of nobility, though not of the line of De La Torre D'Ivoire. For centuries she has pursued the Star Emperor, and is currently in the employ of an unknown threat. Years ago she led an assault on the capital that almost brought the empire to ruin. She has a pious twin sister named the Cosmic Duchess Sabine and they actually share one body. Centuries ago Sabine used her ability of possession to invade Mistress Y and all was good for a time. However, in the wake of several events the evil sister was able to retaliate - taking over and killing the body of Sabine, and so Sabine is forever trapped in Y. Y is extremely skilled in making technological apparatuses and has the passive ability of "Quelle Chance", a bad-luck-defying prowess and probability increaser. She conquered a planet of feline humanoids, which was also her mother’s home planet. As per her dark nature, she uses the enslaved people to carry out her will.


An evil biotechincal race's leader and enemy of the Star Empire. He has prowess with guitar and is able to posses organisms and technology

Galactic Viceroy

An imperial mage native of the capital, Braxtus is personal advisor to the Emperor as well as the supreme ambassador. He posesses the power to create earthquakes with his wands/drumsticks.

Vesuvia The Spirit of The Swords

A minor deity within the cosmos, she is unaffected by time, bias, and has no end or beginning. However, it has been said that her life force is weakening, suggesting that she's not immortal. Little is known of her origins, only that she is able to give the blessings that connect an individual(s) to a weapon and thus enabling the Universe to grant that weapon a power. The power isn't known until the blessing is completed. She is ephemeral most times.

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